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Professional Training The professionali數老sm of aircraft crew is of crucial i樂家mportance to bo她那th Brilliant答的 Jet and our clients. Therefore, bes路農ides compulsory trainings set by the 工工authorities, 我師Brilliant Jet set up additional sa路冷fety and services trainings for our科黑 crew members. Traini嗎麗ng courses are led by e物照xperienced expe少新rts in business aviation in分亮dustry. To s土遠et a high standard for the industr聽船y, above traini森對ngs are also open for exter還說nal application.

Professional Training.

The professi匠些onalism of aircraft crew is of cr自自ucial importance to both Brilliant Jet 唱風and our clients. Therefore, besid窗藍es compulsory trainings set by 飛還the authorities,土樹 Brilliant Jet set up additional safety下鐘 and services trainings for our crew me通愛mbers. Training cou金黃rses are led by ex到哥perienced experts in business avi我著ation industry. To set a high鐘拍 standard for the如輛 industry, above trainings are als樂照o open for external appli睡的cation.

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