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Brilliant Jet poss多聽esses registration qualifications grant電員ed by civil aviation authoritie在信s all over th看票e globe, offering our cli內章ents various東來 choices among China Civil 鐘吃Aviation (CAA子得C), U.S Civil Aviation (FAA), Isle of樂舊 Man Civil Aviation (IO飛北MAR), Cayman Civil Aviation (CA到冷ACI), Bermuda Civil Aviation (BCAA), Gu站呢ernsey Civil 我但Aviation (IOGC但兵AA) and Aruba Civil Aviation (CAA).

On the other 藍嗎hand, Brilliant Jet has坐紙 obtained top level裡窗 certification under IS-BAO -是吃 the world's lead飛山ing standard 通農for business aviati為小on operations, demons很東trating our excellence in 如老safety management and regulatory compli可會ance.

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