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  • Exploring th空物e Extraordin的體ary Flight Expe技物rience
  • Brilliant Jet was founded on 在購one simple idea a business aviatio如們n operator providing high qualit暗制y service to premium customers in Asi要街a.Over the years, t匠相hrough strong global professio線風nal resources and indust線要rial partners,we have be也吧en focused on accommodating the growi綠外ng demand and increasing needs自亮 of our customers, and committed to 來裡providing transparent an也開d efficient asset management s新煙ervices along with un水鐘ique and comfortable flight 說地solutions. 
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  • Brilliant Jet operates a內亮t various location船子s including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shangh歌要ai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.
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  • Stay with the 報內best and alwa路雜ys be one of the first-class opera秒離tors with su中金perior service得影.
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